It’s a great feeling to know my horse is able to adjust his own feed to his own physical/emotional needs with your slow feeder hay nets. Yours is a high quality product, tried, tested and true. Prowler and Ruby agree!
— J. Sequoia

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Benefits for Animals:

  • slow feeding with a hay bag is better for digestion as it slows down amount animals can consume PER MINUTE but is FREE CHOICE (if they always have access to forage) and prevents bloat and colic
  • hay bags keep them busy nibbling, which simulates grazing
  • the chewing process releases endorphins which keeps hind gut bacterial flora happy and healthy - this means proper digestion, and healthier animals
  • hay bags help alleviate the boredom and STRESS that lead to ulcers, colic in horses, and bloat in ruminant herbivores AND stops wood chewing, manure eating, etc.
  • slow-feeding helps prevent choke in horses
  • no more bullying in the herd at feeding time = calmer animals and happier herds
  • slow feeding schedule regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome
  • obese horses will eat less but still have access to food all day

Benefits for Humans:

  • no more wasted hay = money saved
  • save up to 50% in hay costs 
  • no more rushing home to feed, or getting up at the crack of dawn because animals are hungry and calling!
  • your horse is ready to be ridden at any time, saving precious time before a show/event
  • pre-load your Handy Hay Nets so feeding time is quick and easy

  • no more pushy/aggressive animals at feeding time

  • need to soak your hay to reduce sugar content? No problem, just fill and submerge

Why Handy Hay Nets?

  • They are affordable and hand made.

  • Our seams are hand sewn, which makes them more flexible and longer lasting *compared to machine sewn seams.

  • They are easy to load and tie.

  • Our tie string comes in many colours, so each animal can have their own, (handy for barns or boarding facilities).

  • Our netting is made of strong soft nylon, which is very gentle on animals muzzles.

  • There are no knots on our bags for animals to grab or chew.

  • No knots also means it won't rub the hair off their muzzle.

My goats love Handy Hay Nets! The small (1”) gauge of the netting material reduces their feed waste by almost 50% and cannot be damaged by their hooves or teeth because the bag swings away from them if they try to climb on it or chew it. When the net is hung in an open place, it is accessible to 6 goats at a time and prevents jostling for feeder space.
— C. Kelly

Pazzaz with her Handy Hay Net.

I have tried a few slow feeding products and Handy Hay Nets are by far my favourite. I love the soft, yet durable, material and find them to be the easiest to handle. I would recommend Handy Hay Nets to all of my horsie friends and clients alike!
— Emma Davis, BSc, DVM - February 8th, 2014

VETERINARIANS LOVE THEM! (read the full story)


The Hay Loader is a wonderful time saving tool that is also easy on your back! Available in black $108.99 or polished silver for $134.99 CAD. We are only shipping this item via courier in Canada so please email us with your order.

Getting Started - with your Handy Hay Nets

Here's a quick demo on how to quickly and easily load your Handy Hay Net.
Another idea for loading your hay bags. Great for filling your bags with loose hay quickly and easily. If you put the bucket on top of hay it's easier on your back.
Slow Feeding for Horses

Slow Feeding for Horses

Slow Feeding for Other Farm Animals

Slow Feeding for Other Farm Animals

Who doesn't love baby bunnies!
This mama eats some grass and hay from a 1" hole Small Handy Hay Net. Got Bunnies?

Worried about your horses not being able to get enough hay from their Handy Hay Net? This is a 1" bag and as you can see Kolya (on the right) is getting some big mouthfuls! They are able to get more hay when a bag is fuller, so that's why we often have many trailer bags all around their pens.