1 1/2" Hole 3-string Bag -

1 1/2" Hole 3-string Bag -

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Make sure to measure your bales before choosing a size! This Handy Hay Net bale bag fits up to a 40lb 3-string bale or 2 2-string bales of max 90lbs each. 

This is the bag of choice for true Free Choice slow feeding for all animals. It's great as well for a weekend away from home camping or at the shows, and for an overnight stay with a few horses.

For horses (1000lb +) you’ll have to refill this bag approximately every 4 days. Also works great for larger herds of mall farm animals and will mean only refilling once a week! (depending on size of herd).

Note how to load: You will need to bring your 4 bales at the location you wish to use this bag. Simply put your 4 bales standing up and slip the bag over, tie and push it over. Voila!

You can now order our bags with a hanging ring option, allowing you to hang your net for freestanding feeding in muddy or snowy conditions.

Receive a FREE Trailer bag on orders over $450 (before taxes).

Need a CUSTOM bag? Contact us and we'll make one for you!
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