1/2" Hole Trailer Bag - Factory Second

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bin medium 1 inch bag .jpg
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1/2" Hole Trailer Bag - Factory Second

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This 1/2" Hole Trailer slow hay feed bag holds 1-2 flakes and is perfect for hard to keep ponies, minis and mini donkeys and dwarf goats. 

**We cannot recommend this size hole for horses**

Now available with a hanging ring option, allowing you to hang your net for freestanding feeding in muddy or snowy conditions. 

Receive a FREE Trailer bag on orders over $450 (before taxes). Need a CUSTOM size 1/2" Hole bag? Contact us and we'll make one for you! *sorry no refunds on custom orders

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Choosing the right bag

When choosing a slow feeder hay bag for your animals, remember that in small groups, herds or flocks, you may need to assess the dynamics to determine the ideal number of bags.

Guide pour les animaux de la ferme                                                          Guide pour les équidés

When 2 horses share the same space at all times, we recommend 3 bags. Having the extra bag will encourage movement and will eliminate stress caused by bullying from the dominant animal. This applies mostly to the use of the smaller hay bags (Small Bag size up to the Bale Bag size), but you can always use a variety of bags in an enclosure.