People are having wonderful success with their goats, sheep and alpacas and Handy Hay Nets! All grazing herd animals get along better and are calmer and happier when they have a constant source of forage.

I have 7 goats and have been using Handy Hay Nets for 12 days now and have cut back from 10 bales to 5.
— D. Pawlyshyn


HANDY HAY NETS Pulley System Setup

Well, my feed bag is working! I had to rest it on the ground at first, as my goats, sheep and alpacas didn’t seem to know how to eat dinner on the move. So today I suspended it once again and they are going after the hay now that they know they can get some. Will see how much they actually got by how much yelling greets me on the way to the barn tomorrow AM. Lol. Hay consumption has dropped by half on their portion. Everyone is still in good shape, save the one HOG goat who always took the best leaves, etc by being such a bully. She has slimmed down some, which makes me happy. The overall scrapping, butting and bullying is hardly noticeable now.

There are 3 goats, two alpacas and a sheep with two two-month old lambs that all share the bag. They seem to go in shifts, goats, then the sheep and alpacas.
— M. Louise, Homesteader
My goats love Handy Hay Nets! The small (1”) gauge of the netting material reduces their feed waste by almost 50% and cannot be damaged by their hooves or teeth because the bag swings away from them if they try to climb on it or chew it. When the net is hung in an open place, it is accessible to 6 goats at a time and prevents jostling for feeder space. Smaller nets can be hung lower to make a creeper feeder for kids or smaller goats that get bullied. Best of all, the product incorporates up-cycled materials and is a true ecological solution for farms of all sizes.
— C. Kelly, Homesteader
We have fastened it so that it will break and come down if tugged too tightly. the general consensus so far from others using it with horns is no problem though...
— Ta-Ta Creek, B.C. Homesteader
S Howe handy hay net for goats.jpg
We love ours, and use it for goats & rabbits too! Horns haven’t been an issue for the goats or our wee jackalope.
— P. Kelly
The nets are great! My goats went from a bale a day to a bale for 3 days! They are all so relaxed now, a couple eating, a couple sleeping, some playing. No more hollering and pushing at feeding time.
— Karma Creek Farm, Wynndel BC
We went from 1/4 bail a day to a bail a week, and now we’ve got animals sleeping while others eat. Not a stick left on the ground.
— Michael Guy

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