Getting Started with your Handy Hay Nets

Use a utility bucket to quickly fill your medium bags.

Hanging your bags with hardware.


Some safety tips when loading your bags.

How to load your Large Handy Hay Net and use an easy to set up a pulley system to keep your bag off the ground.

We made the bags wider than our competitors to make this loading them easier.

Secure your bag in a box set up. Keeping the hay off the ground protects animals with respiratory issues. 



Hay Loader

Want to buy a hay loader? They are $134.99 CAD. Email us with your order.



Here's an inexpensive project to make a box for your Handy Hay Net. A great idea for shod horses.

Here's one idea for a corner box to keep your shod horses from pawing the netting.



We wanted to compare the level of relaxation between eating from handy hay nets and grazing on grass. Note the speed of chewing and relaxed mouth.

Sage is demonstrating how to eat from a Handy Hay Net. She's a pro! All animals will find their own preferred technique for eating from our slow feeder hay bags.

No need to worry about your animals not being able to get enough hay from their Handy Hay Nets. Choosing the right hole size depends on the animal AND your hay!

Prowler and Ruby are definitely enjoying eating from their Handy Hay Nets.



Keeping some greens, hay or alfalfa available for your chickens is a great way to create rich golden yokes as well as provide entertainment aka boredom buster!

Who doesn't love baby bunnies! This mama eats some grass and hay from a 1" hole Small Handy Hay Net. 

These guys are eating from a 1" hole Small Handy Hay Net. As you can see, lots gets dropped on the ground and then they clean it up there.


Who doesn't love bunny therapy? This girl enjoys a nibble from her Tiny bag ~ great for single rabbits or baby bunnies. 

People who keep their goats, sheep and alpacas together are finding that everyone is getting enough to eat and getting along better, especially when their are multiple feeding stations.

Here's a blooper from a recent visit to a farm. They found a hole in the net so the game became 'who can get their head in the furthest' lol. Hay, Holes happen! 

made in canada.jpg


Yes Pigs! Mama is doing a great job making sure it's safe for her babes. Many animals seem to enjoy the mental stimulation of their hay bags. You can put grass in them or other food that's appropriate for pigs too. The 1" Hole Small Handy Hay Net is great for your small farm animals.